Again, we see what should be obvious: Politicians are people

TweetThis is related to David Brooks’ “personalism” column I brought up the other day. More than that, it’s an evocation of a theme I frequently bring up in my quixotic effort to foster a sort of politics that isn’t about the partisan lie that breaks everything down to an absolutist battle between angels and devils, black and white. […]

Yet another reminder politicians are people

TweetTwo quick contact reports: Yesterday afternoon, I grabbed a cup of coffee with Mike Cakora, who recently returned to the blog as a regular commenter after a five-year absence. It was great to have him back, and I was happy to get to catch up with him. I knew Mike from before I started blogging. […]

An old column elaborating on the ‘politicians (like Soylent Green) are people’ theme

TweetFollowing up on this post earlier today, here’s a column I wrote on a similar subject, back in 2007. The point, then as now, was that politicians are generally neither devils nor angels, which can be easy to miss, since the parties are all about painting everything in black and white terms. Here’s the pertinent […]

The importance of understanding politicians (and media types) as people

TweetHaving heard my limit of cynical statements bordering on paranoia, I resolved, on live radio over the weekend, to do The Most Daring Thing a Journalist Can Ever Do. I decided to stick up for politicians. And for the media, for that matter. I learned long ago, well before I started blogging, that the surest […]

The PEOPLE are demanding that I run for office! Sort of…

TweetYou know how politicians are always claiming that? Well, in my case it’s true! Sort of. I got this completely unsolicited email in my actual IN box today: Brad, here’s something thing we know after Trump’s rally in Arizona last night: You are smarter, kinder, and more empathetic than our president. And all of those […]

This is what I was warning about, people

TweetIt was Tuesday when I warned that the unnecessarily-fanned flames of several Culture War flashpoints threatened to make this into the kind of presidential election I detest — one that consists entirely of yelling about social issues (about which no one changes anyone else’s minds, which makes them ideal tools for infuriating the base and […]

Here’s a shocker for you: People whom Romney has supported are supporting him in return

TweetI have always, according to everyone else, underestimated the role of money in politics. It bores me, so I don’t attach the importance to it that everyone says I should. But for all you folks who are so much more world-wise than I, here’s a tidbit to gnaw on: Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC […]

Why do you think all those people are out of work here in South Carolina?

TweetI didn’t have much to say about South Carolina’s 11.1 percent unemployment rate, beyond these two thoughts: 1) I really hope this isn’t a double-dip recession (and if we actually got out of the first one, which I can’t tell; can you?), and 2) boyohboy am I sick of this stuff. The disorienting thing for […]

Don’t feed the stray politicians

TweetThere are two schools of thought about what would happen if Mark Sanford were to resign. The first, held by my former co-workers at The State and a number of politicians who feared the consequences were the governor to be impeached, hold that being installed as interim governor would give Andre Bauer a leg up […]

The people (some of ’em, anyway) speak out on Edwards

TweetJust got caught up enough to look at my external e-mail account (what with being off last week, I’m up over 1,500 unread messages, even after reading today’s), and a whole lot of folks chose to react to my column there. Assuming they just didn’t know about the blog, I’ll pass on their thoughts here. […]

Open Thread for Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tweet It’s shaping up to be a busy news day. And there’s other stuff… McMaster forces vote on USC president while students are away — An illustration of the “When the mice are away, the cats will play” principle. Really? It’s come to this? The duly constituted authorities are so afraid of the kids in […]

Anybody have any ideas on how I can sell ads and be totally ethical?

TweetThe weirdness has been there from the moment I sold my first blog ad, back in 2010. It was to Tony Mizzell, city county candidate. For a guy who had spent his whole, long professional life totally insulated from the advertising department, it was… an unsettling experience. I had set up an interview with the candidate. […]

Where do nice guys finish? Watch James Smith to find out

TweetI appreciate my friend E.J. Dionne, who is also a nice guy, bringing this to my attention: “#AnthonyBourdain spoke up for me at a time when people all over the country were making great fun of the column I write.” Marilyn Hagerty Ms. Hagerty wrote a nice review of an Olive Garden. Bourdain defended her […]

Weak parties, strong partisanship: a poisonous combination

TweetOur own Karen Pearson said some very true things in this comment: I’m all for keeping “parties ” out of it. We’re far too far along the way of voting for party instead of person. The candidates are forced to go farther and farther left or right in order to win a prime spot in […]

If Templeton would stop ranting and posturing for just a moment…

Tweet … she might be able to contribute to a serious discussion about important issues. Maybe. For instance, she might have been able to say something enlightening about the Jasper port, somewhere in the 1,190 words of this release, if she’d made the slightest effort. I would have found that helpful, because I feel like I’ve […]

McMaster touts victory over his imaginary foe

TweetThis bit of nonsense just sort of floored me last night: South Carolina is one step closer to banning Sanctuary Cities and standing tall for the Rule of Law! Tonight our bill received key approval from House Judiciary Committee (1/) — Henry McMaster (@henrymcmaster) March 20, 2018 I responded thusly: A reminder, once again, to […]

If I go back to school, I want Noble to fill out MY report card

Tweet This is a followup on a topic from yesterday — the one about Phil Noble’s attempts to hang the NRA around James Smith’s neck in the wake of last week’s school shooting in Florida. Have you seen the bogus “NRA Report Card” Noble’s campaign created for Smith? It’s above. Phil tweeted it out with a volley of the angry, […]