Bobby Mac gets “Roshed”

Could we be a bit closer to the identity of Mary Rosh? Check out this comment on Bob McAlister’s blog. Take that, Bob! Now you know what it’s like, dude.

Speaking of which, I don’t think this is Mary, despite the signature riff, "This behavior of yours is an example of your dishonesty and cowardice." But has Mary ever called anybody "Dude?" I don’t think so.

No, as exciting as this discovery may be, I’m afraid all we’ve uncovered in Mike Toreno is a talented Mary Rosh "tribute" act.

Oh, and confession time: I’ve never known anyone to call Bob McAlister "Bobby Mac." I just liked the way it sounded in the headline, dude.

16 thoughts on “Bobby Mac gets “Roshed”

  1. Capital A

    That’s not her/him, but I have been working under suspicion for some time the MR is actually one poster who contributes disparate views on even the same issue, often posting under separate identities(just to “stir up the pot”, presumably).
    As I have lost interest in cracking the case, the greatest sleuths from Batman to Detective Chimp to Holmes to Matlock would be disappointed in me, I know. I was compiling evidence based on grammatical structure and expression patterns but have pretty much given up on the whole affair.
    Or am I just pulling a Columbo? Hmmm…

  2. Randy Ewart

    James Gregory said in response to Ex-Lax’s boast works while you sleep – “No No No, that’s not what I want…I want to be wide awake and ready to go!”

  3. Bobby Mac McAlister

    Brad: Love the Bobby Mac thing. Haven’t been called that since the little blonde in high school…well, let’s not go there. Anyway, I don’t choose to censor hotheads on my blog. I figure if I can give them a place to sound off and get it out of their systems, the innocent public might be a little safer.

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